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~ ~ ~ Dal and Emily's adventure continues! ~ ~ ~


Patrick & Steeves - Romantic Suspense

Fast-paced romantic suspense set South of the Border with 
intriguing characters, witty dialogue, danger and plenty of twists and surprises.


Red Hot - (The Beginning)

An injured fire fighter stranded in Mexico. 
An Embassy agent sent to save him on her first day on the job. 
The cartel hot on their trail... What could go wrong? 

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Available free in Kindle Unlimited.

White Hot (Book 2)

What would you do if your boss was dirty, 
nobody believed you, and the cartel wanted to kill you? 


Not your mama's Mrs. Robinson ...

Isabel's looking for a one night stand. 
Tray is looking for his own personal Mrs. Robinson.
They only need one night ... But will one night be enough?